Thursday, March 4, 2021

Bill Murray to be celebrity picker for ‘College GameDay’

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After a week of speculation, the “College GameDay” crew at ESPN revealed the celebrity picker for Saturday’s Louisville-Miami game. Earlier, The Courier Journal speculated about who could be the celebrity picker. So, did ESPN take up one of those suggestions, or did they go in a totally new direction?

Well, there’s a bit of both things going on.

The GameDay crew announced that actor Bill Murray would be the celebrity picker this week. Seems a bit odd at first blush, but it makes sense upon inspection of the facts.

Murray’s son, Luke, is an assistant with the Louisville men’s basketball team under Chris Mack. That’s quite a connection to have access to. Saturday will be Murray’s second appearance on “College GameDay.” He first appeared on the show on Oct. 19, 2013, and the featured game was a matchup of top five teams as then-No. 5 Florida State took a visit to Clemson, South Carolina, to play the third-ranked Tigers (the Seminoles won 51-14). Murray is 4-5 in…

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