Friday, April 23, 2021

Pop-up drive-in theaters come to Pennsylvania for safer entertainment

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Robert Nunez is bringing a drive-in theater back to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, at least for one day.

He’s joining the pop-up drive-in phenomenon, as innovative entrepreneurs across the country create fresh entertainment options in the pandemic. This one involves massive screens in unusual places: fairgrounds, Walmart parking lots, and for Nunez’s venture, the grounds of the Lebanon Valley Expo Center.

Nunez, a local businessman, drives by what was an institution in Lebanon for decades: the Key Drive-In. Born in the 1950s during the rise of outdoor theaters, it closed in the mid-’90s as many others did.

“I was always wondering why did it disappear,” Nunez said, and he started to consider bringing one back. “A buddy of mine said he knew someone who rents out the projectors and the screens.”

And that’s how a drive-in will…

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