Saturday, February 27, 2021

Should ex-Detroit Lion Calvin Johnson shut up, stay out of politics?

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Debating Lions vs. Bears in Week 1 season opener, and what to expect this season, Sept. 11, 2020.

Detroit Free Press

“Please keep politics out of sports!”

“Be fair to both views.”

“Who cares?”

These were some of the — ahem — nicer comments I received in emails last week after I wrote an article about Calvin Johnson.

The former Detroit Lions receiver joined state Rep. Joe Tate on a Zoom call to criticize President Donald Trump’s pandemic response that has led to an economic fallout and the postponement of Big Ten football. Johnson said the marijuana dispensaries he owns near college towns have been affected.

[ 10 years ago today, ‘highway robbery’ of Calvin Johnson’s “complete the process” catch changed the NFL forever ]

The emails were nothing compared to the notifications I received on Twitter.

“Who gives a (bleep) what Calvin Johnson has to say? He’s a whining disaster (who) supports Joe Biden …” wrote @MikeBre93842067.

And those…

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