Friday, April 23, 2021

William Barr’s politics-charged tenure puts DOJ on ballot with Trump

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump, accusing him of “politicizing” the Justice Dept. during a campaign event in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Sept. 23)

AP Domestic

The fraught tenure of Jeff Sessions had been put out of its misery. And the awkward stand-in appointment of Matthew Whitaker had run its course.

It was the first day of William Barr’s second stint as attorney general of the United States, and there was a craving for a semblance of normalcy inside a Justice Department under constant siege by the sitting president.

For first time in months, there was an upbeat buzz in the long-somber hallways and talk of how the new attorney general’s deep ties to Justice uniquely suited him for the challenge of re-capturing order from months of tumult.

It didn’t last long.

In a matter a weeks, Barr began charting a course that threatened to deepen the upheaval within the sprawling department. Most alarming, analysts say, is…

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