Monday, March 8, 2021

Farmville Central High cheer preps during uncertain sports season

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FARMVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Just about every high school sport has been affected by the pandemic—from football, to basketball, and beyond.

The squads that cheer these teams on are also in limbo, wondering when they’ll be under the Friday night lights again.

The Farmville Central High Jags cheerleaders haven’t even had a practice since school started because the coach, Samantha Perry, says it’s so difficult to schedule due to A/B class changes and virtual schooling, but it’s still not stopping their school spirit.

Even tryouts were different. Coach Perry says normally the season runs from May until March, but this year, tryouts were pushed back until July.

Perry said, “We did a cheer, a dance, jumps, we usually do stunting, but they weren’t allowed to do that.”

Perry said along with that, they had to hold the tryouts outside, wear masks, and answer pre-screened questions. Hopefuls also had the option to tryout virtually as well.

Senior cheerleader Ariauna Murray remembers her…

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