Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Frustrated parents, students speak out about fall sports in the Oconto Unified School District

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OCONTO, Wis. (WBAY) – A special meeting of the Oconto Unified School District convened late Friday afternoon.

Parents and students in the district stand ready to take advantage of the opportunity for public comments to express their frustration about fall sports.

“We were excited to start when the WIAA released that it would be a go,” said Michelle Bahrke, an Oconto Unified School District parent. “Everyone was so excited.”

Bahrke’s daughter plays volleyball at the high school and has been training for the season ahead.

The decision to move ahead with fall sports in the Packerland Conference looks a little bit different than other conferences in our area dependent on the number of COVID-19 cases at a county level.

“Oconto Falls just down the road from us, they get to play conference games. They’re in the same COVID category as us,” said Bahrke.

Packerland Conference Commissioner Mike Holtz tells Action 2 News he does not have any decision-making power. Instead, he…

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