Thursday, April 22, 2021

Inclusive sports program gives outlet to locals like Kristian Joliat

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Sports have a way of unifying people. Over the next two nights we will showcase the growth of inclusivity through a new program in central Maine. In part one, we introduce one local who is growing with the new program. His name is Kristian Joliat…

“The team is a family by the way,” says unified athlete and UMaine honorary coach Kristian Joliat, “the hockey team and the basketball team is my family and i like that.”

“When I got to Maine, I remember the first time that I met Kristian,” says UMaine head men’s basketball coach Richard Barron, “and he came to women’s basketball camp and told me he was a counselor. That was my first introduction to him. He knew everything that was going on, so I trusted him, and that relationship has really blossomed since then.”

“When I first came to the United States, my first summer at UMaine, I was here by myself and nobody else from the basketball team was here,” says former UMaine men’s basketball…

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