Friday, April 23, 2021

Sports officials have concerns for sports return, exposure

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Around 30 Panthers athletes kept their distance and went through their first on campus workout since Lee County schools shut down due to COViD-19.

Fort Myers News-Press

High school athletes are scheduled to be back on the field Aug. 24, and games for the fall season could start in mid-September.

But if teams are cleared to start contests, will officials be there to work the games?

Neither Collier nor Lee county public schools have contracts with their sports officials for the upcoming school year. Even if an agreement were in place, there’s concern from some officials about contracting COVID-19 during games, especially in the high-risk sports of football and volleyball.

“I hope so. I think so,” said John Mantica, president of the Lee County football officials organization, when asked if there would be enough officials for this season. “We’ll have to wait and see in September.”

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